Above is the schedule i have made in order for me to get the work completed. This schedule does not include the showreel project, as that will be an ongoing process throughout the 8 weeks of term. I have ended the term at 5 weeks which is the Rave Live DEADLINE.
I think we will be pushed to get everything finished in time, taking from past experiences, modelling and Texturing have taken longer than predicted, however with this very tight deadline there is very little room for time expansions in either of these areas.


I have included the actual schedule that took place. This is how the project panned out. We were not able to get the project done in time for Rave live, however, we were able to get it done for submission before the end of term. I am rather disappointed at this. Looking at the schedules, our obvious pitfalls were the modeling of the character that took longer than expected, and the texturing which was delayed too long. Also, we again left the animation till a very late date, which i am angry at because i thought i would have learned form that in past experiences.

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