The brief for this project is slightly different to anything we have done before, we have to select from a few options, including producing some work for the 3rd year BA students, working on their final films, produce an animation ident or an animation short up to broadcast standards to be shown at Rave Live, or find an external client and produce a promotional short animation which fits into their business model. We have decided to form a group of me, Depa and Josh, we know we all work well together from experiences we had last term working together on a previous project.
The first initial idea that stood out to us was the Rave Live work, we see it as a great opportunity to get our work seen by the industry, as well as a good opportunity to push our skills to the limit and see what we are capable of. We have decided upon producing a short animation of around 30 seconds to be used as a Rave live piece. The piece must comply with broadcast standards, and must have the correct aspect ratio, and clock/bars at the beginning of the film along with the title and time codes.
The deadline for this project is before the end of term so we know we are really going to have to push ourselves if we are going to get this finished in 4-5 weeks.

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