Evaluation and summary

All in all the project has been a good first experience of trying to meet industry standards on time. It has been a learning curve, and even though we dindt manage to finish the project on time, it has taught me lessons for the future, in terms of balancing workload with quality. I know now that we gave ourselves too much work to do in too little time, and we were realistically doomed from the start in terms of getting the work done. I was happy with the outcome of the project in the end though once it got finished, particularly the stylized effect we gave the piece, i think that worked very well, and gave our piece a stand out factor. I am also happy with the showreel i produced, although i came into problems when trying to burn and format the DVD, i ad no problems with the actual making of the showreel, which i found reassuring.
Other than making sure we don't take on too much work than we can cope with, in the future i feel i will learn from this project. I see this term as an opportunity well took to expand and apply those things i learned last term into a project. The term before this one was more about learning new techniques and practices, and this term was definitely more about applying them to a working environment.
In terms of team dynamics, i think we were very solid. Compared to last term where we had a group of 5 people, i think in the end we ended up getting on each others nerves by the end of it, however this was not the case this term, i felt me Josh and Depa built a very strong working relationship, which in truth i think is down to the fact that we are good friends anyway.
I feel i have made progress from last term and have proved to myself i can make things to industry standard, although i know there is a lot of room for improvement, however i have been invigorated with a boost of confidence which i know i will continue with throughout the summer and take into the third year.

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