Rendering to broadcast standards

Unlike any other projects i have done at college, with this one i had to ensure it met broadcast standards. I was given a Rave live manual which had a lot of information to scan through to ensure it was ready for broadcast submission so that it could be shown correctly on wide screen monitors, and other platforms. Also we must ensure our piece sticks to certain rules, for example no explicit content, and no adult themes, this is important to get right, otherwise our footage wont get through QC.

Info below is taken from Rave Live user manual...

Line-up, Test Signals, Leader and Clock
The start of programme and any subsequent part should be preceded by a countdown clock. This clock must include:
• The Production Number issued by your Heads of Post • The Programme Title • The Producer’s Name • SD or HD Master (Or SD copy of a HD Master)
• 16:9 Letterbox or 16:9 Full Height Anamorphic • Whether the audio is stereo or dual mono. • Start and End of Programme for example 10:00:00:00 - 10:20:00:12

The clock must provide a clear countdown of 20 seconds with the first frame of the programme laid back three seconds. All programmes must be 16:9 Letterboxed or Full Height Anamorphic (FHA)
It is essential that your programmes be correctly outputted onto Tape. Follow the Table below to correctly Line up and Lay off your Programme.

• 625 lines • 50 fields per second interlaced • 16:9 aspect ratio, FHA preferred • Captions should be protected for 4:3 display (Use 4:3 Title Safe) • Both longitudinal time code (LTC) and vertical interval time code (VITC)

• Picture must be sharp, high quality and of ‘broadcast standard’
• Colours are a realistic representation unless otherwise intended
• Black & White crushing should be avoided
• Audio is of a high quality
• Avoid flashing and strobing images
• Content should be appropriate for afternoon broadcast at Rave Live 2010, and
therefore should not feature foul language, nudity, drug abuse, sexual
references or extreme violence.
• Nudity must be blurred or cut altogether
• Any foul language or swearing is cut altogether from that person’s speech
• No copyright infringement

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