When i arrived at the compositing stage, i knew the project was nearly over, all that needed to be done was import all the rendered image files into AE, and add the effects and clip the whole thing together. I received 5 image files off Depa of the cut scenes with text which i needed to put into different places in the narrative to help progress the story. Once everything was in place, and the animation flowed well, i added an adjustment layer to the whole thing, and added a Hue/Saturation effect, clicked the colorize box, and decreased saturation to get a nice sepia effect to the whole project. I then imported the real time 8mm video footage i found on the internet, changed the layer type to 'Multiply' to get rid of all the white spaces within the footage, so only the black scratchy effect was left, then stretched the video over my own to play throughout as a separate layer. I also decided to include a separate image file right at the end of the sequence to prologue the time the Rave Live logo was seen on screen, so the last couple of seconds of the sequence is an image file, rather than a piece of rendered footage.

In my opinion i feel the process of compositing went very smoothly, however i ran into one problem. I originally made the AE project on the new CS5 programme, and couldnt render it because it was only a tester version. I then thought, oh ok ill just open it up on a college computer, and i couldnt, because the versions are not backdateable, and college computers only had CS4 versions of AE. This was nothing mroe than an inconvenience in the end, as i had left enough time to redo the project swiftly in one morning at college. I know for future now that this cant be done, and ill make sure it never happens again.

The images below show me implementing all the different aspect of our project into the same scene, just to test what the scene looked like, and whether they looked good together. Also this gave me the opportunity to scale each piece down to its appropriate and realistic size.

This video is of the 8MM footage played over the first scene, this is with the Hue/Saturation effect switched off.

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