When testing lighting for my project, we wanted to create a balanced and even light which would allow the details of the scene to be played around with easier in AE. By doing it this way it would give the piece a more smooth and even feel and allow the sepia to be added to greater effect.
The final render didnt go as well as i would have liked, however, the backdrop to the scene was lit very nicely. The foreground where the character floats down however has too hard light in my opinion. This is what i would change if i was to do it again.

Test Scenes
This scene i rendered to show what the after effects treatment would do the the final render, i wanted to show the plane falling down in a cloud of smoke as this is one of the more detailed scenes that i was most proud of. I like the way the scene looks, and i decided to keep it this way for the final version.

I decided to test out some very rough renders in the early stages of production, just to see if our storyboard idea flowed well. I decided to render out a rough version of the very first scene, with no effects on it, and it came out nicely. For this scene however i didn't include the skydome, but i included a rolling background scene of clouds and sky which i made in Photoshop. I like the way the scene came out all but for the rolling sky rather than the skydome. I knew from this point on that we had to look towards having a skydome to make the environment look more realistic.

This sequence is a short demonstration of the movement of the windmill, i wanted to to a quick video showing i had thought about the background animation to help add a realism to the scene which is the main reason for the inclusion of background architecture.
I like the way the windmill frames the whole scene, diverting attention on to the other side of the screen, ready for the action to take place.

This scene is a scene i did to test the look and feel of the 8MM film reel just after coming up with the idea as a group. I wanted to get an initial feeling of whether or not it would look good and i thought the best way to do this would be to do a quick test render with the film as an overlay.

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