The Idea

We have started brainstorming, and we have come up with a few idea. We looked at very simple ideas to begin with, due to the lack of time we have, and come up with a few ideas about moving blocks and animating them as if they are characters, giving them a persona. However, we realised we would have to drag this out over at least 30 seconds, and we decided to discount this idea due to the lack of potential ideas relating to the characters, and we saw these more suitable if we were doing a short 10 second ident. We then decided that we wanted to focus on a character having an interesting experience, so that we could have a nice mix of animation and visual aesthetics in terms of the character design and environment.
We started brainstorming, and came up with a few concepts, however we decided upon focusing our animation upon a character called Jack. He is a pilot, and one day he takes his plane for a spin, however he runs into trouble when a bird flies into his plane, and he is forced to eject the cockpit, and float to the ground on a parachute. My initial feelings about the idea are that the parachute could be a great place within the scene to harbour the Rave live Logo.
I feel this idea gives us a great mix of character, environment design as well as a good potential for nice animation.

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