I took on a few modeling responsibilities within this project. From te start, i agreed to model the biplane, the rocky terrain, and the parachute.

Whilst modelling, i took into consideration the time periods of what i wanted the plane to come from. I aimed to get the plane looking not too modern, but not too old style, i looked towards the wartime style biplanes.
I am relativity happy with the outcome of my plane, however i feel that the tail of the plane could have had some more thought when it came to detail.

The terrain i modeled, was very simple, i just took a polygonal plane and extruded it out from the faces to give a rocky texture. I also bump mapped the texture at first, however it dindt look as good as just the simple projected texture. I felt it was nescessary to create a rocky terrain in orderto frame the scene and give it some sort of perspective of distance when the character and plane are in the scene.

This image below shows what i was talking about before, about framing the scene. If the scene only had a grass plane and a sky, we wouldn't necessarily know the scale of the scene, it could be a few meters wide, or a few miles wide, i feel that including the rocky parts adds perspective to the whole thing.

I also modelled and rigged the bird, this was a very simple model, of a body and mirrored wings, we only needed a very simple bird as it would only be flashing across the scene rather than staying in focus, because of this i am happy with the outcome of the model, however if there was more emphasis on the bird, i would not have been happy with the very basic model, and i would have put more time and consideration to adding facial and wing detail.

The parachute was the second thing i modeled after the biplane. It was a simple sphere cut in half, and the edges tweaked to form a parachute shape. I was not too worried with the model of this as most of the emphasis would come from the texturing of the piece.
I looked into rigging the parachute with joints, as well as with deformers, however a change of plan in production allowed us to scrap this.

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