Balancing the projects

With the Rave Live project aimed at actual clients, we knew we had more of a responsibility this term. Although we were not able to complete the project to the desired time set out, i did learn a lot about balancing two projects at the same time. I knew that the rave live project was due before the showreel, so the initial plan was to focus on the rave live brief for the first 4-5 weeks and then use the remainder of the time of term to focus on the showreel project. However this did not end up being the case. We found ourselves setting too much work to complete within a too short time span, and i do regret this.
In future i would definitely look to set ourselves a shorter work load, as i do not think it is the case that we worked too slow, rather i think we set ourselves too much to cope with. Cutting down the animation definitely helped us complete the project however it did have a detrimental effect to the quality of our work.
The showreel project helped that the software was very easy to use, and compiling the showreel didn't take very long at all, and i managed to do ti all within a few days from start to finish, including compiling all the information needed to go into the reel, and i was very happy about the outcome of that project with the exception of the render out which didn't work due to technical difficulties, however i look at it in a positive light, as i wouldn't be showing my employers that work in the end anyway, and by the time i go out looking for work in the industry, my showreel would be of a much higher standard.

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